LOT for AIR – Facts & Stats


(LOT = Local Option Sales Tax)
A reduction in LOT for AIR from 1% to .5% will be on the ballot May 16 in Ketchum, Sun Valley, and Hailey. 

Voters in each city will be asked to reduce the 1% LOT for Air to .5% to preserve/support air service and

use the other .5% LOT for community housing programs.  If passed in all cities, it would fund $2 Million for Housing and $2 Million for Air annually.

The LOT is a tourism tax – over 75% of the LOT is paid by visitors*, and the LOT tax excludes items like groceries and gas

*Source: Zartico, anonymized credit card spend data, 2022



Just a REALLOCATION of the EXISTING 1% LOT for AIR to .5% for HOUSING and .5% for AIR
The SUN air program has been successful so less funding is needed to preserve, maintain and support our air service.
The other .5% of the LOT can be a much needed source of funding for critical community housing initiatives
Convenient Air Service is Important for our Community – for residents, businesses, visiting friends and family
FYI: 54% of all SUN air passengers have some connection to the area (residents, 2nd homeowners, visiting friends/family)*
Source: SUN Air Passenger Survey, 2021-22, RRC Associates
However, we won’t be able to keep our current flights without this (reduced) level of funding – .5% LOT for AIR.

Renewing the .5% LOT for AIR at reduced .5% would:

Retain our current flight routes

Improve flight frequency and convenience for air travel year-round

Sustain our local economy, businesses, jobs and quality of life


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